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Alzhemiers & Memory Loss 


   In 1998, the Chautauqua Adult Day Services, Inc. wanted to address the needs of families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease. Although the agency had Adult Day Services programs that provided some help for older adults with Alzheimer's Disease, the programs were not set up to specifically address the needs of persons with dementia.  A day program was needed that was more staff intensive with programming specifically designed to meet the needs of this population. In an effort to address that need, the Chautauqua Adult Day Services Centers, Inc decided to open a new day program specifically for persons with dementia. 

   The agency was able to receive start up funding from 11 different funders to open the Present Center, a day program specifically for persons with Alzheimer's Disease.  The center was named after Senator Jess Present, who was a supporter of Adult Day Care in Chautauqua County for many years. Day programs such as the Present Center enable older adults to remain at home, help caregivers get a break from care giving and remain employed.  The Present Center provides an affordable long term care solution for families and is a cost effective alternative to placing someone in a nursing home or pay for higher levels of care. 



   The Present Center officially opened its doors on October 5, 1998 and was the first Alzheimer Adult Day Services program in Chautauqua County.  The site has grown over the years and has touched the lives of many families and older adults in the community who live with the disease.  It is now celebrating 20 years of providing quality dementia care.


   In addition to the collaboration of funders to provide start up funding for the Present Center, the agency has continued to build upon its network to provide a full array of services for caregivers and Adult Day Services participants.  The agency partners with many organizations to provide an affordable comprehensive program for seniors and families. The agency works closely with the Chautauqua County Office for the Aging and other agencies to help provide a much needed service.  The agency has partnered with the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide dementia care for veterans and receives scholarship funding from the United Way to help assist older adults with the cost of the program.

   In addition to funding, the agency has also partnered with other organizations to provide additional services for caregivers.  The Alzheimer Association has an office once a month at the site to provide support for families and to provide training for caregivers and professionals in the field.  The agency also holds monthly support groups in collaboration with Family Service of the Chautauqua Region. Chautauqua Adult Day Services Inc., a not for profit United Way agency, offers affordable day programs for adults sixty years of age and older who live in community. The centers provide socialization and offer many opportunities for clients to participate in activities during the day in a caring friendly atmosphere. Senior Day Programs provide supportive staff, a secure group setting, supervision, meals, social work services, recreation, and companionship.


   For over twenty-five years, Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers has provided day programs that enable seniors to have a quality of life through socialization and activity programming.  The sites provide breakfast and a hot noontime meal for participants.  There is also a Community Recreation Program that helps persons participate in outings in the community and the sites offer pet therapy, music programs, arts and crafts, and much more on an ongoing basis.


   Chautauqua Adult Day Services, Inc. is a leader in Senior Day Programs and is proud to provide an affordable day program specifically for adults with Alzheimer's Disease.  Frank Bercik, Executive Director noted, “I have seen the fruits of our labor in the eyes of the caregivers and participants we serve.  Alzheimer's Disease is detrimental to the individual and to their families.  We have helped many of these families and have been able to provide dignity and quality of life for the older adults who attend the Present Center.   We are very proud to have touched the lives of so many people in the community for the last ten years.”

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