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Our Latino Outreach Program is a service for adults 55 or older, as well as their family members in the North County & South County. 

Our Outreach Specialist Shiloh Rivera Martinez is on call to facilitate contact with social agencies and medical offices through interpretation and translation services. It is a free service for our clients.

The services we offer include:


Access to Chautauqua Adult Day Services for Seniors 60 and Older, located in all of our locations. 

We provide services such as filling out forms, applications, telephone calls to agencies and doctor's offices that do not have interpreters. We also offer Interpretation services for home visits by agencies, translation, and writing of letters in English. Education in your rights as a patient and client


Talk to our Latino Community Outreach Specialist for more information or to make an appointment.



Shiloh Rivera Martinez 

Latino Outreach Coordinator 


Phone: 716- 665-4899

Option 4 Extension 2

Fax: 716-366-5969

Shiloh Rivera Martinez

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