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Chautauqua Adult Day Services is a not for profit United Way agency, which offers affordable Senior Day Programs for adults sixty years of age and older who live in the community. The agency has four sites that serve all of Chautauqua County.  The programs provide socialization and offer many opportunities for older adults to participate in activities during the day in a caring, friendly atmosphere with supportive staff and companionship.



The mission of the agency is to provide an affordable day program that helps older adults remain independent and at home.​ Chautauqua Adult Day Services is a not for profit United Way agency, that provides day programs for older adults in the community that is affordable and based on a person’s ability to pay.

The Scholarship Fund is supported by the United Way and donations from other sources such as church groups, foundations, and donations.  The agency takes great pride in working with families to enable them to be able to receive a much-needed service.

At the interview, funding and the cost of the program are discussed.  If public funding is not available, the agency has a “Scholarship Fund” that can assist persons with the cost of attending the program. The Scholarship Fund has a sliding fee scale which enables a person to pay what they can afford.


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